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Introduction to Tisza trade
Our company was founded in 2008, as a family business to offer our customers complex solution in the field of transport and freight forwarding.

Our team

This family business of one person has grown into a small business in 15 years. In our team there are professional logistics and transport operators, excellent and dedicated drivers and not to mention our always up-to-date administrative department. Each of our specialists has worked in this field for more than 10 years. They can communicate in multiple languages, including Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, English, German and Croatian, and for this reason we can effortlessly solve any need or challenge that may arise.

Our motto is: Everything is possible; we can get Your commodity from A to B!
What we do/ Our mission

Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we cover many areas of inland logistics. On one hand over the years, we have built up a reliable team of national and foreign transport companies, who are working together to provide an immediate turnkey solution for any shipment in and outside of the EU, and on the other hand, because of our fleet of vans and warehousing activities, we can ensure daily deliveries within SK and the surrounding countries /HU, AT, CZ/.
TISZA Trade s.r.o.
Mobil: 00421/915 971 055
          00421/911 771 055
Email: tiszatrade@tiszatrade.sk
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