1. Forwarding
  2. Domestic and international freight transport of goods carrying capacity of 1.5 tons

    - Express transport

    - Just in time shipment (delivery of shipments to date)

  3. Domestic and international freight transport of goods capacities from 1.5 tons to 24 tons
  4. Carload transport of goods

    - Transport of goods by high-capacity articulated vehicle (Megatrailer, Jumbo.)

    - Transport of goods with cooling and isothermal vehicles

    - Transportation of bulk goods (grain, gravel, etc..)

  5. Transport of dangerous goods under the agreement of ADR
  6. Piece collection service from Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

    - Collection service allows you to transport your shipments by using pick-up system - without having ordered the entire vehicle.

    - This mode of transportation is a cost effective alternative for less time-sensitive shipments.

    Main advantages of service:

    Regular departures collection lines (Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary)

    well-defined transit time

    free choise of the method of delivery of shipments

    of different delivery terms (Incoterms 2000)

    transport of dangerous goods ADR

  7. Mediation and freight forwarding services in transport
  8. Delivery of goods

    We will provide daily delivery route to your liking. Our current daily route:

    Nitra - Bratislava - Nitra,

    Bratislava – Wien - Bratislava

    Dunajská Streda – Komárno - Dunajská Streda

    Dunajská Streda – Bratislava - Dunajská Streda

  9. Storage

    We provide storage for the customer in Bratislava, Vrakuna district in Dunaszerdahely, Trnava and Nitra in Dolné Obdokovce.

  10. Utilization of carriers and transport companies according to given situations.